Songwriting For Guitar is an online course Mike started in the spring of 2019

This course is geared to help you become a stronger guitarist, and lead confidently with your instrument in cowrites. To help you gain better understanding of writing for multiple genres, and knowledge of guitar fundamentals.   

Mike is a wonderful teacher. He makes himself available for his students and is quite knowledgeable on all things guitar. My technique is improving by leaps and bounds under Mike’s tutelage. I highly recommend taking the ‘Songwriting for Guitar’ course!
— Tricia Torres - LA Singer/Songwriter
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I have complete confidence in Mike as he is deeply involved in the current songwriting industry and is pursuing his own songwriting goals so I am excited to be coached by someone who can relay the current industry standards and all the steps to get there as he is delivering it! So weather you are looking to brush up your guitar skills for your current projects or want to dive deep into songwriting and song development I can’t say enough about Mike Meirers and the confidence and skill set I have developed since deciding to invest in coach! Thank you Mike!!”
— Ellen Crossley- Canadian Singer/Songwriter