Playing music isn’t a foreign concept or something that’s meant for only an elite few. His job is to help you take the next step by adapting each lesson specifically for you and your goals. Whether you want to play by ear, play in a group, write songs or just play for personal enjoyment, Mike can help. Check out some testimonials from his students, and fill out the form below to get started!

Since I’ve started taking lessons from Mike I’ve had several “lightbulb” moments with my guitar playing. He breaks it down in a way that’s easy to understand and I love that he tailors the lessons to your individual goals. He’s patient and easy to talk to. Definitely recommended!
— Kate Smith
Online lessons are working very well for my son. He really enjoys them and finds the experience “less stressful”. He is enthused about the songs and practices Mikey assigns.
— Kristen Hankinson
Mike works well with my teenage daughter. He offers positive reinforcement, and encourages her to work at her speed without pressure or judgment.
— Rachel Hoover
I’m so glad I found Mikey! I’ve had in-person lessons before and there’s no real difference doing them online except online is more convenient! Having a half hour lesson every week (rather than an hour a month) has helped me make so much more progress than the once a month I could fit in my schedule and budget before, and he’s made it so doable.
— Ceri Usmar

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