If you want a teacher who will help you learn music, grow & foster an eternal passion for your instrument, & help you build confidence along the way, Mike is your guy.
— Alex Wynn
Had Mike work with my daughter Paige and he was absolutely terrific. Patient, encouraging & fun.
— Bob Becker
Mike breaks it down into simple language you can understand. I’m always excited for the next lesson!
— Carol Keillor

Playing music isn’t a foreign concept or something that’s meant for only an elite few. My job is to help you take the next step by adapting each lesson specifically for you and your goals. Whether you want to play by ear, play in a group, write songs or just play for personal enjoyment, I can help

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I teach via Skype/FaceTime. After each lesson you receive a replay of our class along with a practice recap video to watch. Learn from your space at your pace

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