Hi I'm Mike Meiers (not to be confused with the Canadian comedian Mike Myers)

I'm a singer/songwriter, producer, teacher and full time coffee drinker.  Music has been my life, from playing piano at the age of six to spending the majority of my twenties touring in an independent pop rock band; My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure. Since then I’ve been part of several other projects, such as, Jackson River, Ohaji/Solayas well as co-writer with several other indie artists.  I can't think of a moment where music hasn't played a significant role in my life.  Music and songwriting have taken me places me I never thought I’d visit and enabled me to meet talented  musicians, many of whom are now close friends. 

So if you're thinking about learning to play the guitar or you’d like to co-write a song together, give me a call.  Perhaps you're an artist about to head into the studio but you want to refine your songs, tweak melodies and come up with some additional instrumentation.  I can help with all of that.  Take a look around and then send me an email, I'd love to hear from you!